Josetti Höfe: Offices in Berlin Mitte

The courtyards Josetti Höfe were built in
1906 on a former timber stockyard. The construction comprises two building complexes extending up to the river Spree. Amongst its residents over the last hundred years were a wood and metal processing
sites, the cigarette factory Josetti (after
which the building was named),

a documentary film studio, a GDR chip manufacturer Robotron and, most recently, the Senate Administration of Finance.
From 2012 on, under the direction of the current investor, Josetti Höfe were fully redeveloped in order to meet modern standards. In the course of the
redevelopment works,

the total office space in the building was expanded from 13,000 sqm to 14,600 sqm.
Josetti Höfe´s current tenants are well-known companies from the media and finance sectors. The building is a protected monument.

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